Sacred Commerce: How running your own business can be your spiritual practice

We’ve all had the experience of being harassed by a salesman wanting us to buy something we don’t need. It can feel like an assault. It can lead to buying something and then feeling angry afterward. And worst of all, it can break down trust – trust in ourself and trust in others. It’s a damaging promotion model that has pinched off the flow of abundance in the modern world.

The Rise of Spiritual Entrepreneurship

But change is afoot! There has been a widespread awakening in the world, especially since 2020. Growing numbers of people are deciding to leave jobs working for companies to start their own small business.  This trend is about more than just the desire to work for yourself. 

From Employment to Empowerment

Many feel they have a moral and spiritual obligation to help this world. They know they have gifts, talents and skills that go way beyond the work they were doing for their employer. It has become imperative to leave their jobs so they can fully bring their gifts to the world through their own businesses.

Defining a Spiritual Business

When someone is running their business from a spiritual foundation, I call this a spiritual business. They could be doing anything from selling bed mattresses to serving as a travel agent booking vacations. Or they could be a healer, astrologer or essential oil business. The key thing with a spiritual business is that the purpose of the business is based in spiritual intention.

The Foundation of Spiritual Intentions

Spiritual business owners want to run their business from their spiritual values, and that is where previous models of promotion and sales fall short! The old promotion model is about influence, manipulation, and making money no matter the cost to the customer.

The Challenges of Promotion in Spiritual Businesses

This doesn’t work for spiritual entrepreneurs, and it can lead to them holding back in promoting their goods and services. Holding back in promoting leads to low numbers of customers.

Why does this matter so much? First, few people are benefitting from spiritually driven businesses AND second, these brave and noble entrepreneurs are struggling financially.

Sacred Commerce opens a whole new world for spiritual entrepreneurs

Sacred Commerce was originally practiced in Ancient Egypt. Merchant Priests and Priestesses lived in temples, and commerce was their spiritual practice. Merchant Priestesses excelled at working with energy and raising vibration. Merchant Priests went into the world and bartered wares to uplift people’s lives, things like sacred books and healing herbs.

Ayman Sawaf and his wife, Gabrielle Rowan, had a powerful connection with this ancient wisdom when travelling in Egypt. They then channeled information to bring Sacred Commerce to our contemporary business world through their book, Sacred Commerce: The Rise of the Global Citizen.

Implementing Sacred Commerce in Your Business

Sacred Commerce is about doing business as your spiritual practice. That means every aspect of your business is infused with your spiritual values. Since sales and promotion tend to be the biggest stumbling blocks for spiritual entrepreneurs, let’s focus on this area today.

Sacred Commerce business owners actively challenge their own fears and limiting beliefs around sales. This creates a more open space in their hearts where they can be more generous with others. It’s about providing energetically safe and calm spaces for conversations, where you can be curious about and learn what another person is going through – their key challenges.

Within the safe space you set up as a spiritual entrepreneur, you can share how your goods or services can help the person. This is about creating safe space – alive space! – for good communication, where a person can openly consider what your service can do for them.

Do you see how this is a spiritual practice? It demands letting go of your ego and being in humble service to the person you are speaking with.

It involves leading conversations where possibilities open up for your prospective customer to uplift their existence. You compassionately and skilfully share your business offering, in full service to the person you are speaking with.

This is done with respect for boundaries and honour for the living light within the person you are speaking with. 

In this way your business promotion is about building good relationships and bringing more light into people’s hearts and lives. It can’t get more spiritual than that!

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Andrea M Winn

Andrea Winn

Andrea M. Winn, MEd, is a renowned Spiritual Business Coach with a rich background that includes a Master's in Counselling Psychology, extensive training in computer science, mediation, and business, and profound spiritual insights from a lifelong practice of mindfulness meditation and apprenticeship with a Mi'kmaq Shaman. Her unique Spiritual Business Coaching method skillfully blends methods of spiritual awakening and dynamic business coaching, empowering clients to overcome emotional challenges and achieve holistic success. Andrea's impactful work has been featured in major publications like The New York Times and on platforms such as NPR and CBC Radio