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Website Redesign

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Website Redesign

Positive Vybes, spearheaded by Terrie Hanscom, stands out in the field of preoperative and postoperative healing through meditation and energetic work. Seeking a digital presence that could accurately capture her profound and unique services, Terrie turned to Aligned Soul Design for a website transformation that would reflect the heart and soul of her practice and appeal to her soulmate clients.

The Challenge

Moving from a basic platform like Wix, the challenge was to develop a more intuitive, cost-effective website that would better align with the spiritual depth and personalized approach of Positive Vybes.

The Solutions

Aligned Soul Design, under the leadership of Jackie Barker, was inspired by Terrie’s extensive nursing experience and her innovative approach to healing. They focused on creating a website that was not only user-friendly but also deeply reflective of Terrie’s holistic healing methods.
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The integration of Terrie’s professional brand photos and carefully selected stock images added a personal touch, while the addition of podcasts on her About page further amplified her expertise and approachability.

Aligned Soul Design crafted a website that is a true reflection of Positive Vybes. A notable feature is the free video healing body scan meditation offered to visitors who share their email. This not only engages users but also demonstrates the value and expertise that Positive Vybes brings to its clients.

Client Collaboration

The redesign process was highly collaborative. Terrie’s active involvement was crucial in the website redesign process. Her selection of images and content significantly contributed to the authenticity of the website.

Aligned Soul Design’s team worked closely with Terrie to ensure that every element, from the layout to the content, resonated with her vision and the ethos of Positive Vybes.

Impactful Results

The website’s relaunch brought Positive Vybes’ unique services to the forefront. Terrie’s programs, which focus on reducing stress and promoting healing through various modalities like guided visualizations, meditation, and Reiki, are now beautifully showcased, inviting users to be part of a journey towards health and wellness​​.

The new website received accolades for its authenticity and its ability to genuinely represent Positive Vybes’ mission. The design effectively communicated the essence of Terrie’s work, resulting in increased client engagement and broader recognition in her field.

A significant testament to its success was an invitation Terrie received for a five-session podcast, directly attributable to the website’s compelling design.

Beyond Design: Building a Relationship

Aligned Soul Design’s relationship with Positive Vybes was more than just professional; it was a partnership. The team’s empathy, responsiveness, and dedication to understanding Terrie’s vision created a nurturing environment that was instrumental in the successful redesign of the website. Their collaboration was a true partnership, reflecting Aligned Soul Design’s philosophy of building lasting relationships.

Their intuitive design beautifully aligns with the spiritual depth of my work, making my site not only user-friendly but a true reflection of Positive Vybes' heart and soul.

Terrie Hanscom

Conclusion and Recommendation

Terrie’s recommendation of Aligned Soul Design is a testament to their ability to deeply understand and visually translate the spirit of a business. Their work on Positive Vybes’ website stands as a shining example of their skill in creating unique, soulful online identities for their clients.

Reflections from Aligned Soul Design

Working with Terrie was an enriching experience for Aligned Soul Design, especially for Jackie Barker. Inspired by Terrie’s background as a nurse and her innovative healing methods, the team was keen on creating a website that truly represented her unique approach to healing.

The transition from Wix to a more intuitive platform was a strategic move that aligned with Terrie’s needs for a more accessible and cost-effective solution. The incorporation of Terrie’s professional brand photos and the choice of stock images significantly enriched the project, adding a personal and professional touch to the website.

Additionally, featuring podcasts on her About page not only showcased Terrie’s expertise but also made her more relatable to potential clients. The content of the About page, detailing Terrie’s background, her approach to healing, and testimonials from clients, provided a comprehensive insight into Positive Vybes’ ethos and offerings. This information was instrumental in guiding the website’s tone, design, and overall messaging, ensuring that every aspect resonated with Terrie’s vision and the core values of her practice.

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