Kathy Mela’s Website Transformation with Aligned Soul Design

Website Redesign

Kathy Mela website mockup

Website Redesign

Kathy Mela, a seasoned coach and mentor specializing in life transformation for women over 50, sought a website redesign that would resonate with her audience. Her goal was to create a mature, simple, yet engaging online presence with Aligned Soul Design.

In pursuit of this vision, and upon Aligned Soul Design’s expert advice, Kathy transitioned from Squarespace to WordPress. This strategic move set the stage for Aligned Soul Design to effectively address Kathy’s unique challenges and requirements.

The Challenge

Kathy desired a website that could effectively connect with women leaders in their ‘third act’ of life, translating her extensive experience and empathetic approach into a digital format.

Faced with these unique needs, Aligned Soul Design embarked on crafting a solution meticulously tailored to Kathy’s vision, ensuring every aspect of the website resonated with her distinct goals and audience.

The Solution

Embracing Kathy’s rich 45-year nursing career and her role as a life coach, Aligned Soul Design crafted a website that mirrored her mission of empowering women. The site now effectively showcases Kathy’s unique approach, including her ‘Experience | Embrace | Embody’ process​​.

Kathy’s choice of the Enchanted Growth plan marked the beginning of a long-term partnership with Aligned Soul Design. This plan, spanning 24 months, provided not only the initial website redesign but also ongoing support, ensuring Kathy’s digital presence remains dynamic and up-to-date. This extended engagement reflects our commitment to nurturing Kathy’s online growth and adapting to her evolving business needs.

Aligned Soul Design recognized Kathy’s unique blend of professional experience and personal touch as a life coach, best-selling author, and speaker. Moving her from Squarespace to WordPress, the team crafted a website that was not only sophisticated and user-friendly but also deeply reflective of Kathy’s persona – relaxed, authentic, fun, yet introspective. The website effectively showcases her services, such as Legacy Partnership Coaching, Life Legacy Mastermind, and her signature Dream Into Action Masterclass, all tailored for her target audience: women over 50 seeking fulfillment and legacy in their ‘third act’ of life.

Side by side comparison of Kathy Mela's website before and after

Enhanced Functionality

A key feature of Kathy’s website redesign was the creation of custom post types, a WordPress functionality that allows for the easy addition and organization of specific content types. This feature was tailored for Kathy to seamlessly integrate podcasts, interviews, reading recommendations, and updates on her book projects. Custom post types provide a user-friendly way for Kathy and her team to update and manage content, ensuring the website stays dynamic and engaging.

The success of this project was also rooted in the collaborative process.

Client Collaboration

The collaboration with Kathy Mela began through our connection in Kim Wood’s Rich and Powerful Leaders coaching program. This shared background laid a foundation of mutual understanding and trust, which was instrumental in the website redesign process.

The process was highly collaborative, with Kathy actively involved in each step. Her inputs, based on her experience as a coach, author, and speaker, were integral in shaping the website’s content and functionality​​.

This collaboration led to tangible results.

Impactful Results

The result was a simplified, clear, and engaging website that aligned perfectly with Kathy’s vision of ease and flow. It avoided complexity and excessive scrolling, catering to her desire for a clean, straightforward user experience. This new website now stands as a testament to Kathy’s unique approach, combining her rich caregiving background with intuitive, heart-centered coaching.

The new website elegantly highlights Kathy’s offerings, from individual coaching to her bestselling books “Called to Speak, Lead & Impact” and “7 Breakthrough Biggies”. It now serves as a hub for her transformative programs and masterclasses​​.

But this project was about more than just a website redesign.

Beyond Design: Building a Relationship

Working with Aligned Soul Design was a seamless and enriching experience for Kathy. The project went beyond a typical client-designer relationship, evolving into a meaningful partnership.


Working with Aligned Soul Design for my website redesign was one of the most seamless transitions I've experienced in my business.

Kathy Mela

Conclusion and Recommendation

Kathy’s glowing feedback is a testament to Aligned Soul Design’s ability to translate a client’s vision and expertise into an impactful web presence. Her satisfaction with the new website reflects the team’s commitment to understanding and fulfilling her unique needs.

Reflecting on this project, Aligned Soul Design views it as more than just a redesign.

Reflections from Aligned Soul Design

Aligned Soul Design’s collaboration with Kathy Mela wasn’t just about a website redesign; it was about bringing her gifts to light. Through our intuitive and empathetic approach, we transformed her digital presence into a beacon for women over 50, aligning with Kathy’s mission of empowerment and healing. This project stands as a testament to our belief that together, we can heal the world—one impactful website at a time.

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